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Social Ethics in Tech

Social responsibility is fundamental to the Pearl platform.  As a company founded in the principles of democracy,  freedom, and preservation of human dignity, we believe a transparent and open platform is critical.


That means all content should be subject to scrutiny, criticism, and response.  

Pearl creates a single system for public user management of content.

On the Pearl platform, users will find tools to vote, rate, discuss, and demote content across multiple facets.  There are also ways to filter content manually and through the use of groups and age restrictions.  User voting and rating means that any piece of content is subject to public scrutiny and demotion.  


Pearl is a traffic-agnostic platform, so it sees no benefits from digital advertisement sales.  Private companies may choose to leverage Pearl for the sale of advertisements on their private sites/nodes within the Pearl universe.  Pearl - ExOS will make an active and ongoing effort to prevent bias or benefit from unethical use of user-shared private data.

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Enable Access?


Pearl leverages a single view private data card that maintains an explicit user-controlled access model.  This means every user chooses what data to share and who to share it with.  Service providers can request access to personal data and when they do, a single system is used to approve that access.


When service providers choose to use private data to deliver their applications, that data is only leveraged within an individual user session.  It may only be copied into the service provider's system with an explicit request for the permanent use of that data. 

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