Pearl - ExOS Inc. is a United States C-corp holding detailed design for years of product releases, protectable intellectual property, a "slow-burn" business strategy, and a founder with deep industry experience and direct contribution to successful launches / exits in the B2B and E2E space.

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Pearl uses a cascade of never-before-seen design mechanisms.  This amounts to a growing set of patentable mechanisms across software and hardware.  The complete spectrum of protectable intellectual property includes design systems, an operating system, non-phonetic languages, hardware, computing, network / communication, and more.

This makes Pearl the most well protected venture in history, akin to as if Apple had created all the patents it holds today, when it was founded in 1976.  This is truly extraordinary.  It also means Pearl does not rely on its branding, organizational structure, or system of monetization to develop and maintain value in the market. 


Pearl is nearly brandless, such that its image is based in the aesthetic design of its software and hardware, along with its stand on social ethics and accessibility.


Launch zero is being carefully planned to clearly differentiate Pearl from other products in, specifically, light consumer and enterprise verticals.

These verticals will be self reinforcing in the market and internally, giving Pearl a strong foundation as it captivates more challenging verticals.


Given the current atmosphere of distrust surrounding big tech, the optimum launch window for Pearl is fast approaching.  Analysts predict further shudders in Big Tech.  



Enterprise contracts will load conversions up front and spread subsequent fees over months or years, offsetting smaller margins in the second initial vertical.


Pearl will seek to disrupt the enterprise industry by reducing website and app development costs by 90% or more.

Light Consumer

Customers will purchase hardware, connection service, maintenance, and a warranty within a single monthly fee.  This is dramatically different than the current model for consumer hardware which usually includes a one-time payment for hardware, which is then wholly owned by the consumer, along with separate fees for warranty, repairs / maintenance, and yet another third party fee for service.

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Successful enterprise SaaS launches at AT&T, also contributed to the relaunch and subsequent sale of to

16+ year career - extreme diversity of experience

  • full stack web

  • software/UX design

  • retail / warehouse solutions

  • architecture & interiors

  • enterprise telco 

The Death of The Interaction Paradigm (& Rebirth)