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Pearl connects to other devices to reach new levels of digital immersion.

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Pearl is an operating system & hardware

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Standalone or connected

Pearl fits in your hand, works on a surface, and can connect to other devices that have displays.  Things like your smartphone get smarter.

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Home and nodes

From your home screen, a cluster of visual objects, you can find other apps or nodes, access to hardware, and settings.  Nodes include people, websites, and apps.

Communicating is better with Pearl.  Use a simple context-based tool that's customizable. 


Pearl works great for one-on-one messaging, communicating in groups, and collaborating to build things

One way to search & organize

From home, you can access Pearl's search, which is like internet search but without algorithms.  Pearl's search protocol works so you can find what you're looking for and understand how it works too.

You can also keep the things you find organized, or organize your own content.  Pearl doesn't use folders.  Instead, it uses a new type of organizational system that works unlike anything else on the net.

Built-In Design System

Impossible becomes Possible

Building nodes with Pearl is easy and fast.  Pearl uses a sophisticated design system that means your ideas come together easily, stay organized, work for anyone, and scale as things change.

Build a simple place to show the world who you are, or an interactive application that engages other users.  You can even deploy your app and make some money.

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