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Pearl is about to open investment to early stage individuals with an initial offering of preferred stock and an aggressive first round of $25M.  The valuation of the Pearl paradigm is as other-worldly as the paradigm itself.


Pearl is unlike anything you have ever seen, and it changes everything about technology.  The core platform includes a never-before-seen interaction paradigm, dramatically different operating system, and a complete - full spectrum - design system.  No competitor has developed or leveraged such a design system and the task presents a near impossibility for any publicly traded company.

The Pearl paradigm offers an application development framework that will presents an easy transition for enterprise, B2B, and consumer organizations.  As Pearl includes baked-in conventions for social responsibility, current social media providers may find it difficult to fully transition to Pearl and broad customer adoption may transform the social media industry itself.

Launch zero is being carefully planned to clearly differentiate Pearl from other products in, specifically, light consumer and enterprise verticals.  The launch zero products and platform capabilities will disrupt several industries dramatically, including smart phones, personal computers, and wearables.  Currently Pearl is developing the tools, products, and capabilities required for a beta launch across consumer and enterprise verticals.


Potential strategic partnership opportunities include companies in gaming, entertainment technology & content (e.g. Disney), hardware (e.g. Sony), semiconductors (e.g. Intel), robotics, automotive, and more.


Pearl's intellectual property portfolio, which may go beyond the Pearl products brought to market, will be its primary leverage during unanticipated periods of market correction or changes in cash flow.

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Archy has spent his 16+ year career looking for challenges, focusing on mechanical & aerospace engineering, human factors, web development, retail solutions, software/UX design, architecture & interiors, fashion, and design for enterprise telecommunication software & platforms.

As a child with unidentified autism, Archy was not social with other children and more closely identified with adults.  Strong and unusual influences included urban agriculture, multi-medium art, sewing, quilting, military gear development, photography, automobiles, residential construction, and telecommunications.  Archy's telco influences started as a young child with a father who spent his entire career in the industry.  At home, Archy was always surrounded by electronic equipment with regular conversations and learning about how everything worked and was evolving.  Archy knew all about the internet long before there was any dial up service available at home. 


During elementary school, the computer lab instructor sensed Archy's extreme disinterest in computer games and decided to give him special access to an Apple IIe and MacPaint, connected to the school's only color dot-matrix printer.  This outfit was reserved for the older, more experienced, children but Archy sat down at the computer and was able to draw right away.  To his delight, his drawing appeared on the color printer.  This progression from brain, to hand, to computer screen, to printer, to paper would change Archy forever.

His mostly independent career progressed through many phases and seemingly divergent tracks that often overlapped.  In corporate America, Archy was a hybrid user experience and platform architect at AT&T enterprise, bridging the gaps between design, code, and technological capabilities.  His influence on AT&T's current enterprise strategy was broad and significant.

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