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With over 15 years in web application design and development, Archy codes in most major web languages and has worked across both consumer and enterprise-grade products.  His work has been featured in and used to build multi-year top-level strategies at one of the largest corporations in the world.

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As a child, a dusty 35mm SLR camera kit was handed to Archy as a gift, along with a small dog-eared photography manual.  His fascination was at first with the mechanics and optics of the camera.  That bloomed into an affinity for fine art portraiture.  This later grew into a love for editorial photography and fashion itself.

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Archy Dosburg is Digital Design

For 30 years, design has been an obsession.  For 18 years Archy has developed software solutions, enterprise platforms, plus 3D work in architecture, interiors, and digitally enabled products.

Archy's most important endeavor is Pearl, a new type of computer architecture and a line of products that change everything.  Read about it here.



Archy was blessed to grow up with a relative born with a debilitating disease.  Her life has been spent fighting the odds and much of it in a wheel chair.  Later, Archy worked for an accessibility expert in architecture, who taught everyone about the disregard most design has for people with special requirements.  No matter what we do, we have an obligation to create a world for everyone.  Archy has a deep conviction and passion for design that includes every aspect of the human condition.  Our greatest failures in accessibility have been computers & mobility, but Archy is going to change all that.

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In a small award-winning architecture firm, Archy found some of his most unique creative outlets and became a master of digital 3D visualizations.  His work has directly contributed to multiple award winning projects.  Many of these projects included historic restoration and adaptive reuse.

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Manhattan, New York, NY, USA

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