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Imagine technology so accessible that animals can use it.


Pearl creates a new interaction paradigm that makes app interfaces work fluidly, and the same, across any display and method for holding/viewing the display itself.  Whether you are clutching your display with one hand, it is sitting on the desk in front of you, or several feet away on the wall, Pearl works the same.

Pearl is also developing a whole non-phonetic language paradigm to bridge the gap between users of different languages and different capabilities.  Not only will sightless users be able to feel our new languages, they will be able to hear them too.   As for the phonetic languages we already use, those will have full accessibility support too.

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Smartphones Have it Wrong!

The green zone represents the most comfortable area to use across many use cases.  Almost all apps are designed as if the user is leveraging two hands with full mobility.  Even for a dextrous user, this represents a challenge. 

The challenge is greater if a user experiences decreased vision, issues with mobility, loss of use of a digit or hand, etc.

Smart phon use cases depicted with hands, wheindicating (with a shaded area) comfortable usable area

Pearl collapses interactions into a circular field of motion

A set of redundant gestures is included, that can be used when less detailed interactions are required. 

Our ability to use products changes as we age, and through life events & phases.  Even temporary shifts in perception, stress level, or mood can effect our ability to use a product.


The Pearl - ExOS interaction paradigm/model is designed to be fundamentally accessible.  Pearl maintains the same usability factor across all applications designed within it, regardless of the application's function.


Deeply misunderstood and actively neglected...

Accessibility in technology products, including hardware and software, is deeply misunderstood and actively neglected.  Although many companies purport to use a human centric approach to product design, they are nearly always technically ignorant of the field known as human factors.


Sight, Sound, Touch

Regardless of how we sense the world, technology has an obligation to give us its full power.  This means every solution must work for every user.

Many of us only use a subset of all human senses to experience the world.  How does technology adapt to us?  It often requires the use of accessories and additional applications, or worse, having to skip an experience completely.

Pearl gives humans a complete experience even without complete use of senses, because no matter how many you have or how they work, you are still a human with undeniable dignity.

Through simplification of interactivity, multi-modal input, a structured design system that is even touchable, new implementations of language, and other sensory features, Pearl will strive to be the de facto technology platform for most computing, especially for the aging, those with special needs, educational organizations, therapeutics, and health.

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Image by Jessica Flavia
Image by Fabrizio Verrecchia
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Pearl is the first general technology company that affirms a human/Earth-centered​ ideology and qualifies it by creating real design of the highest respective standards.​

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